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Volunteer Hose Company
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Name: Steve Cashion
Location:  Fayetteville, NC USA
Department:  WESTAREA Station 15 VFD
Comments:  Visiting my brother in Middletown from 25-July-12 to 29-July-12. Nice Area.
Sign Date:  July 25, 2012 - Entry# 44

Name: Norman Forde
Location:  West Grove, PA Chester
Department:  West Grove Fire Company
Comments:  It was great to work with the Middletown fire fighters this past weekend at the Crew Leader course at DSFS. Shawn Webber thanks for a fun weekend and teaming with me to lead the Crew on the motor vehicle accident. Team work got the job done. If you are ever in West Grove please stop in to the fire house!
Sign Date:  March 13, 2012 - Entry# 43

Name: Bill Hart
Location:  Middletown, DE
Comments:  Sorry to hear about your loss. We will keep everyone in our prayers.
Sign Date:  December 30, 2010 - Entry# 42

Name: Bob Romig
Location:  Poinciana, Fla USA
Department:  Florida Fire Chiefs Assoc
Comments:  Just checked your website again and see that you update your apparatus gallery and added the antiques or old trucks you had. Thanks for that. You guys have a lot of history there in Middletown. Also sorry to hear that you lost my good friend Charlie Price.


Sign Date:  April 30, 2010 - Entry# 41

Department:  FIREFIGHTER
Comments:  hello your site is very good!

stay safe

i am firefighter to france i collect the fire patchs and i want the patch of your fire service


i give my adress :



Sign Date:  March 22, 2010 - Entry# 40

Name: Tibor Lorinc
Location:  Nitra,
Comments:  Hello, My name is Tibor, and I am firefighter in Nitra, a city in Slovakia.

Your web page is very nice and interesting.

I wish you a lot of success in your future work.

Greetings from Slovakia

Tibor Lorinc

Sign Date:  February 22, 2010 - Entry# 39

Name: Susan Steward
Location:  Chincoteague, VA USA
Comments:  Wanted to thank you all with all my heart. I just had the nerve to browse the pics from our accident on Rt 72 from May 22, 2009. With your help, we were rescued, gotten to the hospital within the crucial golden hour and saved. My son is doing quite well, and is fully recuperated physically. I have had a long journey, but doing so much better. THANK YOU ALL! Sue, Brad and "Rowan" Steward
Sign Date:  January 23, 2010 - Entry# 38

Name: Alyssa Rively
Location:  middletown , US
Comments:  I want 2 thank you for all you do in the community. we are very lucky 2 have you here.
Sign Date:  January 4, 2010 - Entry# 37

Name: joey ski
Location:  warwick, usa
Comments:  WOW! You guys REALLY looked GREAT last night at the parade in Cecilton. Awards well deserved!!!
Sign Date:  August 13, 2009 - Entry# 36

Name: Matthew Borsari
Location:  Middletown, DE
Comments:  Really great video's
Sign Date:  August 11, 2009 - Entry# 35

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Traffic Collision w/Injuries
Location: Middletown Hs - Middletown
Address: 120 Silver Lake Rd Middletown, DE 19709
Traffic Collision w/Injuries
Location: Middletown
Address: 1356 Cedar Lane Rd Middletown, DE 19709
Traffic Collision w/Injuries
Location: Middletown
Address: Cedar Lane Rd and Boyds Corner Rd Middletown, DE 19709
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