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Five Members Recieve Maryland Star of Life Award - Baltimore, Maryland

Thursday, September 3, 2015
On Wednesday, May 21st, five members from the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown traveled to Baltimore to recieve the Maryland Star of Life Award for their participation of a water rescue along the Elk River involving a jet ski. On July 21, 2007, the Cecil County 911 Center recieved calls that a jet ski had been struck by a boat in the Elk River, just north of Town Point. The Volunteer Hose Company was dispatched for a rescue assist to the Volunteer Fire Company #1 of Chesapeake City, along with boats from Hacks Point Fire Company, Cecilton Fire Company, Singerly Fire Company, North East Fire Company, and the US Coast Guard. Maryland State Police aviation also provided ALS support to the Cecil County Emergency Services Department. The incident occurred several hundred yards from the shore line. The Elk River incident illustrated the cooperation of six fire departments and four other agencies to work together to provide patient care. Congratulations to all to assisted in this incident and recieved the award.

(L-R) FF TJ Barrow; FF Gary Burge; Lieutenant Mike Misetic; Captain Kris Wiley; Assistant Chief Shawn Mullen
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(L-R) TJ Barrow; Gary Burge; Shawn Mullen; Mike Misetic; Kris Wiley
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