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DIAL 9 - 1 - 1
Volunteer Hose Company
of Middletown
27 W. Green St.
Middletown, DE 19709

Main Phone: 302-378-7799


Chevrolet/Lifeline - Retired A-27

1997 Chevrolet/Lifeline- First new ambulance purchased when the Volunteer Hose Company got back in the ambulance business.

Dodge - Retired 27-1

Army surplus Dodge

Pierce Arrow XT - 1-6

Engine 1-6 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT. The apparatus has a Cummins motor, 1000 gallon water tank, 1500gpm Waterous pump and a Husky 12 foam cell with a 30 gallon tank. It is housed at Station 1 and runs as the rescue engine for the station. It is also the primary engine for assists out of district and first due on structural calls outside of the Town of Middletown city limits. The engine has a full compliment of Holmatro rescue tools, engine company and ventillation equipment.

Ward LaFrance - Retired WLF

Purchased for $18,300. Totaled in an accident in 1973.

Chevrolet - Retired U-27

1986 Chevrolet Silverado Sold at auction to a private owner in 1999

Chevrolet Blazer - Retired 27-8

Sold at auction to a private owner in 1999.

Ford Bus - Bus 27

Served several functions during it's life span at the Volunteer Hose Company. It's greatest moment was when it transported 16 children from a school bus accident in Odessa. Sold to a private owner in 1999.

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